Benefits of Deal Registration

  • Establishes a co-selling relationship between the dealer and LocknCharge.
  • Enhances the profitability of the dealer.
  • Provides a selling advantage to dealer to win the business.
  • Earn a protected discount on deals of:
    • 1 ‐ FUYL Tower
    • 5 ‐ Carts, Revolution 32 Charging Stations or Putnam Charging Stations
    • 10 ‐ Charging Stations or CarryOns
    • 50 ‐ Baskets and above or an equivalent combination
    • See Program Guidelines for full details.
  • Free Shipping.**

All qualified dealers participating in the Program must understand and adhere to the Program Guidelines.  The Program terms and conditions outlined in this document are subject to modification or termination by LocknCharge at any time.

Click here to download Program Guidelines

**Free shipping in the continental United States.