Benefits of Deal Registration

  • Establishes a co-selling relationship between you and LocknCharge.
  • Earn up to 5% protected discount on qualified deals.
  • Provides a selling advantage for you to win the business – LocknCharge will refer the end user to purchase from the registered Reseller if and when the end user contacts LocknCharge with where to buy questions.
  • Ongoing referrals – LocknCharge will refer returning customers to Reseller who they purchased from in the past if the customer experience was to the standards that LocknCharge expect. This will benefit the Reseller financially, but also help the Reseller build a good working relationship with the end user.

All qualified Resellers participating in the Program must understand and adhere to the Program Guidelines. The Program terms and conditions outlined in this document are subject to modification or termination by LocknCharge at any time and without notice.

Click here to download the Program Guidelines