Why choose PC Locs’ Tablet Store & Charge Cart?

PC Locs Tablet Store & Charge Carts takes physical Tablet management to the next level by incorporating user friendly Carry Baskets for Tablet devices. The Carry Baskets by PC Locs are securely located inside the Tablet Store & Charge Cart and can hold up to 5 devices per basket. This makes it easier and quicker to deploy Tablet devices when they are needed because it allows staff, administrators, teachers, students or anyone to safely carry 5 devices at once. Other Tablet Store & Charge Carts do not come with this functionality and forces users to carry devices one by one or physically carry a stack of devices at once. This can be time consuming, unsafe and risk dropping and damaging devices.

Charging with PC Locs’ Tablet Store & Charge Cart

Save time by charging your set of Tablet devices simultaneously. Need to charge a large number of Tablet devices? Some of the PC Locs Tablet Store & Charge Carts are incorporated with ECO Safe Charge power management systems. These intelligent power boards can handle the power requirements or almost any devices and stages the availability of power to each bank of devices. This ensures safe and efficient charging.