Carrier Charging Stations™

for 10 Chromebook, MacBook, Tablet and iPad devices

The Carrier 10 can easily charge, secure and deploy almost any device in a wall or desk mount solution design to take up less space.

Carrier™ 10 Charging Stations

The Carrier Charging Stations are designed to make Tablet, Chromebook, MacBook, Laptop or iPad deployments easier and quicker. The new Large Baskets by LocknCharge allow users to deploy banks of 5 devices at once.

Product specifications:

  • Carrier 10:
    • Specs:
      • Dimensions: 668 mm (H) x 420 mm (W) x 340 mm (D) 
      • Weight: 20 kg | 44.1 lbs
      • Certifications
      • Power: 240VAC/10A max
    • Part Numbers:
      • British Plug Type G: LNC10388
      • Euro Shuko Plug Type F: LNC10386
      • French Plug Type E: LNC10387

What’s in the box:

  • Carrier Charging Station by LocknCharge with 5-way overload protection Power Distribution Units
  • 3m extension cord
  • Large 5-slot Baskets by LocknCharge
  • Stainless Steel Device Rack for larger Chromebooks, Laptops and other devices
  • Padlock and keys
  • Instruction manuals


  • Carrier Charging Station Flyer

    Carrier Flyer describing the details of the Carrier 10.

  • Large Basket Compatibility Template

    The Carrier Charging Station is equipped with two new Larger 5-slot Baskets by LocknCharge. To make it easier for you to identify what fits and what doesn’t, we’ve created a template.

  • Carrier 10 Stainless Steel Device Rack Template

    If your device doesn’t fit inside the Baskets by LocknCharge, you can replace them with the Stainless Steel Device Racks, which are designed for larger devices. Download this simple template to identify whether or not your device will fit inside the Stainless Steel Device Rack slots.

  • Carrier 10 User Guide

    LocknCharge products are easy to set up. Download the instruction manual for more information.

  • Carrier 10 Mounting Template

    Use the PDF template attached to guide you in securing your Carrier 10 Charging Station to a wall or desk.

Carrier Charging Station setup video

This video show you how to setup the Carrier Charging Station. For more details refer to the downloadable PDF instruction manual.

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