Carrier 20 Cart™

for Chromebook, Tablet and iPad devices

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Carrier 20 Cart™

LocknCharge Part Number: 10129

LNC8150 (Discontinued)

The Carrier 20 Cart is designed to make Tablet, Chromebook or Laptop deployments easier and quicker. The Large 5-slot Baskets by LocknCharge allow the users to deploy banks of 5 devices at once. The smaller form factor means that it can be maneuvered with ease.

Key Features:

  • Baskets by LocknCharge make deployments faster and safer
  • Top loading design makes devices more accessible
  • Compatible with devices up to 13" with Baskets, 17" with wire racks
  • Lifetime warranty

Add on Skus:

  • Lock down kit - Part Number 10010 - MSRP $34.99
  • 20-unit wire rack - Part Number 10150 - Compatible with 10129 - MSRP $89.99
  • 20-unit wire rack - Part Number LNC8109 - Compatible with LNC8150 - MSRP $89.99

Product specifications:

  • Dimensions: 27.8L) x 19.2(W) x 36.7(H) in.
  • Weight: 107.1 lbs
  • Certifications
  • Power: 110VAC/15A max

What’s in the box:

  • Carrier 20 Cart by LocknCharge (Charge only)
    with ECO Safe Charge™ power management and remote control
  • 3m extension cord
  • Four Large 5-slot Baskets by LocknCharge
  • Instruction manuals
  • Combination Padlock with Silicone Case
  • 20x Velcro Cable Ties

Support material:

  • Images: below are high resolution 300 dpi images.
  • PDF's of the latest flyers. 
  • PDF instruction manuals 
  • The 'check your device' PDF is a guide to measure a device to the basket to see it if fits within the slots (handy if a device comes with a case). It should be printed to scale on an A3 page for accurate measurements.
  • Videos: Instructional (setup) video (coming soon)

Please note:
May not fit all devices. Please check the dimensions of the device and the Carry Basket. Some Power Adapters may not be compatible. Contact us for details and compatibility.

  • Carrier 20 Flyer

    The attachment is a PDF flyer of the Carrier 20 Cart. It is general to all tablet devices such as Chromebook and iPad devices. For further assistance please contact

  • Carrier Line Flyer

    A flyer detailing the entire LocknCharge Carrier Line. Carrier 10, 15, 20, 30, 40.

  • Carrier Line Selling Points Flyer

    Product differentiators, top selling points, partner benefits and more.

  • Carrier Line Overview Training

    Product differentiators, top selling points, key features and more.

  • Large 5-Slot Plastic Basket Measuring Template

    The new Carrier 20 Cart is equipped with four Large 5-slot Baskets by LocknCharge. They are designed specifically for Chromebooks, but can also hold a whole range of other devices too – and there are lots of them. To make it easier for you to identify what fits and what doesn’t, we’ve created a template.

  • Carrier 20 Instruction Manual

    LocknCharge products are easy to set up. Download the instruction manual for more information. For further assistance please contact

  • Carrier 20 Marketing Copy

    The above attachment is a Word doc to help you use the right copy when promoting the Carrier 20 Cart. For further assistance please contact

  • Carrier 20 Wire Rack Information

    The Carrier 20 has an optional wire rack for larger devices. View detailed information about the wire racks for the Carrier 20.

Carrier 20 Cart Set Up Video

Learn how to set up the Carrier 20 Cart.

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Carrier 20 Cart Overview Video

Learn more about the Carrier 20 Cart and key features from CEO James Symons.

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