FUYL Cell Powered Lockers

for mobile electronic devices

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FUYL Cell™ Powered Locker

LocknCharge Part Number: LNC3008 (Cell) - Discontinued August 2018

LNC3107 (Pedestal)

Featuring 5 individually locking compartments that can store and charge virtually any device.

This page contains information and material on the FUYL Cells. The images are all high resolution at 300 dpi. The product flyer is the most recent version. Be sure to check back here to make sure that you are using the most recent and up to date version (check the date in the filename). There is an instructional video on how to setup the FUYL Cells in a stack (one on top of each other) and how to route the cables correctly through each FUYL Cell. The second video is a promotional video that outlines and demonstrates some of the features and benefits of the FUYL Cells.



FUYL Cell Stack setup

The video below demonstrates how to setup a FUYL Cell Stack (3 FUYL Cells and a Pedestal). It also demonstrates how to route the cables through the FUYL Cells to the Pedestal.

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