EVO 40 Cart

for Tablet devices

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EVO 40 Cart™ for Tablets

Discontinued in channel as of 5/1/2016 available only through Apple.

LocknCharge Part Number: LNC4002 (Charge Only); 10038 (Sync and Charge)

Discontinued: LNC4000 (charge only) with aluminum baskets, LNC3241 (sync and charge) with aluminum baskets

This page contains several pieces of material and information that can be used for the EVO 40. All images are high resolution and 300 dpi.  There is also a 'check your device' PDF. This is a guide to measure a device to the basket to see it if fits within the slots (handy if a device comes with a case). It should be printed to scale on an A3 page for accurate measurements. The video below demonstrates how to setup the EVO 40 Cart for the first time.

Add on SKUs:

Lock down kit - Part Number 10010 - MSRP $34.99


  • Putnam City Schools Case Study

    Read a real case study from Putnam City Schools on their use of the EVO 40.

  • Coachella Valley Unified School District Case Study

    Learn how Coachella Valley Unified School District deployed over 20,000 devices in their district with the EVO 40 Cart.

  • EVO 40 Flyer

    The above attachment is a PDF flyer of the EVO 40 Cart. This flyer is general to all devices. For further assistance please contact marketing@lockncharge.com.

  • 10-Slot Aluminum Basket Measuring Template

    The EVO 40 Cart was *originally* equipped with four, 10 slot carry baskets. They are designed specifically to accommodate a wide range of Tablet devices – and there are lots of them. To make it easier for you to identify what fits and what doesn't, we've created a template.

  • Small 5-Slot Basket Measuring Template

    The newer EVO 40 Carts are now equipped with eight Small 5 slot baskets. To make it easier for you to identify what fits and what doesn’t, we’ve created a template.

  • Syncing a 40 Unit Cart with Limited External Ports

    If you have a 40 Unit Sync Cart, and a newer computer you may not have enough external ports available to sync all three sync charge boxes at once (you need three external ports). Please reference the attached on how to sync all 40 devices at once.

  • EVO 40 Instruction Manual

    LocknCharge products are easy to set up. Download the instruction manual for more information. For further assistance please contact marketing@lockncharge.com

EVO 40 Cart - Setup Video

This video demonstrates how to setup up the EVO 40 Cart with new devices.

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Coachella Valley Unified School District Case Study

Watch as Coachella Valley Unified School District shares on the EVO 40 Cart enabled them to deploy over 20,000 iPad devices.

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