Why Sell LocknCharge?

  LocknCharge is always here to help you win more deals and increase your margins by:

  • Offering product training
  • Protecting your personal brand
  • Providing exceptional customer service to you and your customers.

  The financial opportunity for LocknCharge resellers is clear:

  • More margin in every solution sale
  • Increased margin for customer meetings
  • Up to 23% discount
  • Demo units at reduced cost
  • Increased discount for deal registrations
  • Competitive pricing to give you the best chance of winning
  • Assistance in closing deals through live video demos
  • much more.

A recent survey of over 2000 organisations highlighted that over 70% of organisations had not considered how they were planning to store, secure and charge their mobile devices. In these organisations, the cost of lost, stolen or broken devices, the cost of reduced productivity and the cost of potential data breaches continue to be on-going issues.

Reliable, future-proof charging solutions allow your customers to achieve their big-picture goals.

We provide solutions to address your customers’ biggest challenges head. We do this by streamlining workflow through central access to fully-charged, ready-to-go devices at all times.

Help Your Business Customers: Help Your Education Customers:
  • Collect and access data
  • Decrease costs
  • Convert more sales
  • Improve customer communication
  • Increase efficiency
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Improve school safety and security
  • Modernise facilities
  • Manage budgets
  • Stretch program funding
  • Increase student engagement and outcomes
  • Maintain high test scores and graduation rates
  • Improve IT staff satisfaction
  • Improve teacher satisfaction

Introducing the FUYL Tower by LocknCharge.

What can FUYL Tower do for your customers?
Automate Clunky Manual Processes Minimise Device Downtime Protect Devices Against Theft & Data Breaches Provide Security Public Charging On-Demand

The Tangible Advantage of our Charging Carts and Stations.

The difference is in our product designs and time-saving baskets.

What can our carts and stations do for your customers?
Save Admin Time Save Teaching Time Save Space

We listen to the needs of our customers and design products to solve pain points specific to their needs. Because of this, our products boast new-to-market features not offered by our competitors. We provide world-class customer service, always putting our resellers and the customer first.

To start selling LocknCharge, please get in touch with your distribution partner today, or contact us for more info.

About LocknCharge

LocknCharge charging solutions currently protect million of devices throughout 20+ countries across the globe. We make our customers’ lives easier by developing charging solutions with scalable and modular designs that take workflow into consideration. We do this by manufacturing the highest-quality security, charging and transporting solutions for mobile device deployments.

With over 100 employees in the company and circa £100m turnover, we continue to invest in R&D to support the development of new products that will support our customers need well into the future. The EMEIA team works closely with distribution across EMEIA to support our reseller partners. We can help with customer presentations and demos to complement your value-add services to the customer.

Download our Europe (excluding France) Partner Program overview here.

Download our France Only Partner Partner Program overview here.




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